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gutter cleaning portlandHello, my name is Mark Poole, owner of  Portland Gutter Cleaning. On this website  you will find specific information on gutter cleaning in Portland Oregon, gutters and downspouts, and information about our company. Mark has tried to put together a wealth of information about rain gutter cleaning related gutter maintenance questions you may have. Mark Poole, Owner of Portland Gutter Cleaning, has been serving the Northwest area for almost 20 years.  Throughout the years, Mark has tackled some tough questions. Homeowners depend on his experience and knowledge in the field that can literally save them thousands of dollars in home repairs and replacement costs. He can most likely answer any gutter cleaning Portland questions you might have specific to the Northwest. As always, Mark is glad to help out and help to educate anyone who has gutter related questions. Call (503) 844-6800 or click the Contact Us link in the upper right hand corner.

Unique gutter cleaning tips

Rain gutter cleaning in Portland can be very challenging especially with weather patterns changing every ten minutes. One question we gets asked a lot is, “How often should guttering be performed in Portland?” Well, if you live in a heavy forested area you might need to have your home cleaned every 3 months to avoid damage to your gutter system. One mistake customers make is not cleaning the gutters when there are no trees around. Just because trees are not leaning over the house, dirt and debris such as roof granules and moss still collect in the gutters everyday. Gutters, by design, were not meant to hold the weight of debris, only to channel water. Failure to keep the gutters cleaned will result in poor performance, such as clogged gutter and downspouts or damage to the fascia. Gutters that are full of water will pull away from your home, the water then seeps into the front side of the fascia board or rafters and will rot quickly. Portland Gutter Cleaning recommends the gutters have a annual cleaning and inspection. Call (503) 844-6800 or click the Contact Us link in the upper right hand corner.


Will gutter guards cut down on frequency of gutter cleaning?

With 20 years of rain gutter cleaning in Portland, Oregon we have some helpful opinions on gutter guards? This is a question we get asked almost on a daily basis. Our answer is simple, it depends on the surrounding micro climate around your home. In my experience, pine needles get through everything, I have seen specialty gutters fill up in no time. The other problem that our company  has seen first hand is the sludge build up interior lip just as the water is supposed to flow into the interior of the gutter system. Most homes in the Portland Oregon metro area have trees. Most roofs in the Northwest will grow moss of some sort and definitely algae. The combination of pine needles, algae and the wet weather promote a slimy coating on the roof. This travels onto the face of the gutter leaving particles that need to be cleaned off periodically. The one thing beneficial about leaf guard is they change the downspout tubes, they are larger and round the corners which helps with clogging issues. In our 20 years of experience with gutter systems we have not seen one system that will cure the problem for everyone. Please feel free click the Contact Us link in the upper right hand corner,  give us a call (503) 844-6800.

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